Mobile App Redesign

The Challenge

autoTRADER is a web and mobile application for selling and buying vehicles in your local area. Buyers can search and filter for vehicles and then contact the seller by email or phone. Sellers can list their vehicles for sale and boost their post for more visibility.

Over the years, autoTRADER has added many new features but this has bogged down the platform, making it harder to use for users. The goal of this redesign was to identify the most important areas of the app and redesign them to meet user and business goals.

User Research

My first step was to talk to existing users to find out more about how they currently use the app. My goals were to identify what they mainly use the app for and what they struggle with. I talked to both users who have either bought or sold a vehicle through autoTRADER.

After gathering and reviewing the research, it was clear that there were 3 main areas that should be redesigned to generate the most results:
1. Searching/filter vehicles
2. Posting a vehicle for sale
3. Homepage

A More Intuitive Flow

After testing the current process with users, I identified the pain points and mapped out a new flow that would be more intuitive for the user.

Sktches & Wireframes

To ensure that I got the design right, I went through many iterations of sketches and wireframes that were improved each time based on user testing results. This is an important step before moving onto the final high fidelity designs.

A Clear CTA

The previous homepage had 3 visible CTAs, making it confusing for the user to understand what to do. Since most users on the app were looking to buy vehicles, the new design has one clear CTA: search for the vehicle you're looking for.

Optimizing Design to Increase Conversions

The autoTRADER app generates revenue by getting users to post a vehicle for sale, and then boosting their post's visibility for a cost. One great feature on the app is the car pricer. The car pricer tells you the price of a vehicle based on it's specs and autoTRADER's data of vehicle sales. After pricing a vehicle, users can see the value of their car and post their vehicle for sale on autoTRADER.

However, the only way to get there is through a cheesy looking ad. I changed the design to increase conversions and make it look more consistent with the rest of the app. This made it look like less like an ad and more like a feature within the app.

Simplifying Search and Filters

The previous design of the application had 3 different search/filter interfaces for the web app on desktop, web app on mobile and native mobile app. This wasn't great for users who used autoTRADER on both desktop and mobile. One major pain point for users on the native app was that they had to go back to the initial search screen to change their filters. Also, some filter options were only available on the web app but not the native app.

I redesigned the search and filter screens to be consistent for all platforms, making it easier for users who use autoTRADER on both desktop and mobile.

Guiding the Seller

One of the main complaints from buyers was that some listings had incomplete information including images, specifications and features of the vehicle. Instead of the seller being overwhelmed by a long form, the first screen they see in the sell flow is The Enter VIN (Vehicle Information Number) screen. By entering their VIN first, the seller can choose to pre-fill some of their information. This makes it easier for the seller to post their listing and have a more complete listing without missing information.

To ensure sellers would post great images, I designed a guide that sellers could follow when taking their pictures on mobile.

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